Our Offerings

Our Offerings

At Impact, our mission is to get the world healthy and happy. That includes you, your family, friends and colleagues. So our products and offerings are crafted with care, keeping our mission in mind and your happiness at heart.

Impact League

  • Impact League

  • Impact League is the most engaging employee health and happiness program
  • A digital life is making people physically unfit leading to health problems like diabetes, obesity, and stress.
  • Impact League is a fun fitness kindness walkathon among employees to get fit and do good
  • After 17 corporate leagues we have seen an average 2.6kg weight loss among participants and visible rise in smiles. View Report >

Cause Branding

  • Cause Branding

  • The 21st century consumer is smart. The 21st century marketer needs to be smarter.
  • Todays's consumer easily identify the difference between good content and intrusive ads.So for them ads, are like unwanted noise.
  • Branding your product and company with a cause appeals to user's heart instead of being redundant noise in front of their eyes.
  • With impact each of our 200k change-makers know that your CSR and their steps is making a difference in a needy life. It's as soothing as music to their minds. View Report >

NonProfit Awareness

  • NonProfit Awareness

  • NGOs across the world have a dire need of funds, outreach and volunteers.
  • We bridge all these three gaps with one product where corporate funds your social projects and our community not only spreads your word but also becomes a part of your work.
  • Make an active healthy community of change-makers a part of your noble story.

Be the change you wish to see!